Why Born in a Barn?

Well, we live in one. Kinda. Want the extended version? Click here.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I can't read this without singing it in my head.

If what doesn't kill us is making us stronger,
We're gonna last longer
Than that greatest wall in China
Or that rabbit with the drum

If there's one thing that I've learned
While waiting for my turn,
It's that in each life some rain falls
But you also get some sun

And we'll make out better than okay
Hear what I say
Hey, any day

Thanks for the reminder, Roseanne.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I won't forget this week

Well, b2b IUIs were this week. They will remain memorable for a couple reasons.

IUI #1: After the nurse leaves the room, DH complains about how hot it is. He goes to the sink, splashes water on his face and wets a towel. When he sits back down, he is white as a ghost. Proceeds to tell me he is dizzy and might pass out. So, I am trying to unbutton his shirt and fan him with his hat, all while still lying down. All I could do is laugh hysterically, and then tease him. Because, really, who gets dizzy over just being in the room? He couldn't see a thing. I thanked him for a memorable day.

IUI#2: DH manages to not pass out or complain of heat. Afterwards, as we are sitting in my car, I was in the middle of saying "We successfully made it through another appointment without seeing anyone we know." In the middle of my sentence, DH gasps and says "That's my mom." She parked in a row right in front of us. Thankfully there was a car in front of mine that blocked my view. DH ducked down to avoid being seen. My heart was still racing hours later.

Yep, memorable.

Why Born In a Barn?

Well, because we live in one. Before you ask if we sleep next to cows (yes, it's been asked) you should know that it's not the big red barn you may be picturing. We lovingly refer to our home as "the barn". Though, warehouse or metal pole building is more appropriate. We have an apartment built inside. It makes for interesting conversation.

When we first moved in I proclaimed "No kids til we move. I don't them to be able to answer yes when someone asks if they were born in a barn." Well, feelings have changed. Bring on that barn baby, please.

Photos, as requested: (More to come.)