Why Born in a Barn?

Well, we live in one. Kinda. Want the extended version? Click here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Born In a Barn?

Well, because we live in one. Before you ask if we sleep next to cows (yes, it's been asked) you should know that it's not the big red barn you may be picturing. We lovingly refer to our home as "the barn". Though, warehouse or metal pole building is more appropriate. We have an apartment built inside. It makes for interesting conversation.

When we first moved in I proclaimed "No kids til we move. I don't them to be able to answer yes when someone asks if they were born in a barn." Well, feelings have changed. Bring on that barn baby, please.

Photos, as requested: (More to come.)


  1. Ooooo. Do you have picture of said barn? Can you share them?

  2. Much to my shock, husband is ok with me sharing pics. But, we are currently renovating/adding on an upstairs to our apartment. So, photos will have to wait until I can show more progress. I will share one day. Promise!

  3. It would be awesome to see how one lives in a barn.

  4. I love your blog I read it all in one day. Its almost like a book I couldn't put down. We have struggled for 4 years and I got my friend today and was a little down and your story was so awesome to read. Gave me the famous word Hope! God Bless your family you seem like an amazing mom.

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm sorry you can relate, but I am glad it gave you hope. I hope you will be coming back soon to tell me you are a mom.