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Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, that came out of his mouth.

My husband really is amazing, but sometimes, well, sometimes he says things that just make me shake my head. I will repeat them back to him with my "what the fvck look", giving him an opportunity to realize the ridiculousness and possibly change the wording or just full out retract the comment. But, he tends to stick with his original comment, seeing nothing wrong with it. He does this quite a bit. So, in honor of these wtf comments, I feel the need to start this series of blog posts. Yes, that came out of his mouth.

Me: Let's try to guess how much weight I have gained since my last appointment 4 weeks ago.
Husband: 10 pounds.
Me: Umm, they told me I am supposed to be gaining about a pound a week. It's only been 4 weeks. So, how much do you want to guess?
Husband: 10 pounds.