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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Healthy, yummy "ice cream"

I LOVE ice cream. I mean, obsessed, more than a little kid, when it comes to getting my ice cream. (preferably chocolate, with more chocolate added, on a too-often regular basis.) Since I decided to try anything to help my diagnosis, and going dairy free falls into that, I have had to give up my other true love. Here is a way I have managed to not go insane, and it is SO tasty. I can even sit in the same room as my husband eats his real ice cream.
Yes, I totally used to make him go in the other room when he ate real ice cream.

Frozen banana (or 2)
Chocolate almond milk
Throw in blender, mix up. Easy as that!
The other night I added some natural peanut butter. SOO good.
You seriously need to try this. Now.

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  1. Um, yes please! Check out my blog where just yesterday I wrote that I am craving banana peanut butter smoothies - just add ice to your recipe and voila! That is what I've been craving. :)