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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My mind went back

My little man isn't huge on sleep. He just doesn't require that much. Add in teething, (he has his two bottom ones now, already!) and we have had some rough nights. The husband just happened to walk in to the bedroom the other day while I was holding bubba, and this song was playing from his phone. Not that I ever forget how lucky we are to have him and all we went through, but sometimes a reminder is nice. I teared up hearing this part.

Just the other night the baby was cryin
So I got out of bed, rocked him awhile and I held him tight
And I told him it would be all right

My mind went back to a few years ago
We tried so long, we almost gave up hope...

1 comment:

  1. ...and I remember you, coming in and telling me the news...

    That song rips me up EVERY TIME!

    Hugs to you. <3