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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If it wasn't for bad luck,

I don't think I would have any luck at all. Beta level? Back up to 12. It was 10 last week. Another draw this Friday, and that will decide what our next steps are.

My reaction? Well, besides lots of cussing, I am back to using sarcasm as my coping mechanism. I mean, a person can only do so much crying, spending hours in bed, and eating more ice cream than thought possible. Oh, and laughing. You know, like I mentioned here.

I asked my husband last night what he has been thinking about all this. He took a minute and then, "A singer once said, you can't know joy until you know pain." Or something like that.

Obviously my first reaction was to guess what singer he was quoting. "Hank jr?" No "2-pac?" No "Jay-z?" Yes! (I feel like I just played a game of 'which one doesn't belong?') And then I did the next obvious thing. Broke out into "Slamming Bentley doors, hopping out of Porsches,Popping up on Forbes lists, gorgeous."

I understand the quote, and I try to remind myself of everything good in our life, and that yes, things could
be much worse. But, ya know what? I've been dealing with this miscarriage since the beginning of May. I'm ready for some joy. I'd even take a new pain.


  1. I am praying that your joy comes soon. I'm sorry your levels went back up :( *hugs*

  2. That's a great line. You will know joy again...I'll pray it is very soon ((hugs)).