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Friday, July 9, 2010

I'll be having mass amounts of alcohol.

Today's beta? 13. Yes, it went up. Only one, but still. Wrong fvcking direction.
Another draw on Monday. It is looking like I will have to have another methotrexate injection.

Oh, but my nurse said she was aware we were still trying to go on our trip. The trip that was postponed due to my last metho injection. Her word's? Don't lose hope on the vacation.

I didn't bother telling her that hope is no longer in my vocabulary.


  1. MTX sucks eggs! It made me all dizzy and wobbly. Hoping you're back down to zero and soon! (No booze until it does and your Doc gives you the all clear!!)

  2. Ugh, I'm so sorry. The same thing happened to me. I ended up getting 2 doses of MTX. Unfortunately, in my case that didn't even work... I'll spare you the rest of the story. Keeping fingers crossed that this shot eliminates the growth and you can move on. As for Hope, it will come back again... just after your vacation.

  3. I'm sorry, darling. ((hugs)). Fingers are crossed for you that your vacay isn't jacked.

  4. Oh Amber. I don't even have words. Forget that other vacation, come and lay in the sun with me!! Big huge hugs.