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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overdue Project

We have had this ugly dresser for too long, and I have talked about redoing it for the same amount of time. I finally decided I wasn't waiting for our barn renovations to be close to finished before I redid it. Also, I needed a project to focus my energy on.
I took off the ugly handles. I was going back and forth on whether I wanted to paint them or get new. The deep indentions in the wood made the decision that I would just paint them.
I sanded everything down. 

Painting makes me cuss more than normal and throw paint brushes is not my strong point. Luckily my husband was willing to help me out to speed things along.

Finished! I love it and now have a desire to go yard-saleing to find more things to redo!


  1. You did such a great job!!! I just redid my ugly old dresser too, but stupid me didn't take before pics. doh!

  2. Is that a Stickley? If so, I own its god-forsaken matching chest of drawers! Which I can't wait to be rid of...

    The redo is definitely an improvement!

  3. Thanks!

    And I can say 100% that I have no freakin idea what a Stickley is, therefore would never know about this. :)

    I'll look into it.

  4. Great job Amber! We have a dresser that we want to repaint this winter too. I have some questions for you. Did you use a special type of paint? Did you use a special type of brush? I have never repainted a piece of furniture so I am clueless!

  5. Mrs M-Thanks! We used an oil based paint from Sherwin Williams. My husband recommends going there for sure. (He does LOTS of different kinds of construction projects) They will be able to tell you exactly what you need. We have had bad paint experiences from home improvement stores, so if you can go to a Sherwin Williams you will be safe. We used small, 4 in rollers. Foam ones would be good. Also used a small brush to get into the cracks on the drawers. Oh, and don't forget to prime first. Good luck!!!!

  6. Nice work!! I've always wanted to refinish furniture but have been scared to try. Yours has inspired me. :)

  7. Thank you so much for the tips on refinishing the dresser!