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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surprise, surprise.

Or not. I am on another break cycle. Story of my f'in life. Apparently, it is protocol at my RE's office to take a cycle off after injectibles, due to your ovaries being over-stimulated. Hmm, would have been nice to know this before hand! I didn't update right away because I needed time for my pity party. Actually, it was a full out breakdown. It seemed that everything hit me at once. My due date, always being on a freakin break, hitting our 2 yr mark in December, the fact that in 23 months we have only had 2 injectible cycles...


The only good news out of all this, is the fact that I convinced the nurse to put me on bcp so I didn't have to wait until day 35, take provera, and then run the risk that I would most likely have cysts after that.