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Monday, October 11, 2010

Trigger & worry

After 14 days of injections, (I think that is 21 vials of menopur) I triggered this morning.

I have to admit, I am not feeling good about this cycle. I hate to already say that, but it is the truth. The reason? I think my follies were too big. At my last follie check last week, the biggest two were only at 13. Today? 23 & 24.

No other measurable follies.

I wish I had more confidence, but all I can think is it is too late.


  1. I hope you are wrong! Stranger things have happened... Still it would have been nice to have more frequent follie checks. *love*

  2. Thanks Sulf. I wish I would have had a Sunday check. I can't believe they grew so much from Thursday to today.

  3. I'll keep the hope alive for you! I think they're both still within the viable follicle size limits.

  4. Mine used to grow about 2-3mm/day and so later in the cycle I'd have them every other day or every day. I hope this works for you sweetie!! You definitely still have a chance. ((hugs))

  5. Thanks for responding to my longest cycle ever post on TB the other day. Its nice to have someone else to identify with. I finally trigger today so it looks like we are almost on the same IUI schedule. Good luck with this one, I think your follie sizes are still within the ranges. Hugs to you!

  6. I'm staying positive for you!! Thinking of you every day :)