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Sunday, February 27, 2011

::insert random comment here::

Wanna play a game? We can call it "Stupid things otherwise smart people say when someone announces a pregnancy." We are offically "out" and have heard a few nosy questions.

Well, you are getting to that age.

Was this a surprise? No. So, was it planned?

I hope you have twins.

Is it twins? Are you sure it's not twins? Are you positive you aren't having twins? Twins next time then.

There must be something in the water. (Or the menopur, is what goes through my head when someone says this.)

Well how long you have you known?

When did you find out?

Ohhhhhhhh, you are going to be pregnant during the hot summer months.

But a comment like the following cancels all the stupid out:
Your baby is so lucky to have you as parents.


  1. Something in the water... Well no, but there was definitely something in the syringe we used to inject me!

  2. People are stupid sometimes. Well meaning as all the comments may be, they're still irritating. Glad you've had the comment that cancels out all the stupid ones. =)

  3. I can't believe the stupid crap that comes out of peoples mouths regarding all stages of TTC/pregnancy. Seriously, its like the "stupid" filters just fly off!

    Whoever said the last one is right though, this baby is very lucky to have you as parents! :-)

  4. Your baby is SO lucky to have parents like you...I could not agree more :)

  5. It's true. :) You will be amazing parents.

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