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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No megaphone needed.

I thought once we got far enough along to announce our pregnancy that I would be ready to shout it from the rooftops. Over the past couple weeks I have come to realize that I feel the complete opposite. We told my parents when I was around 5 weeks, and I told my best friend, who knew of our struggles, in January. So, since they know, there is no one that I am itching to tell. Recently we have had friends announce their pregnancies, all who are weeks behind me, and we still sit silent with our news.

We decided that if all goes well at our NT scan (tomorrow!) we will tell my husband's family on Sunday, and then begin to tell other family & friends. Instead of getting that excited feeling when I think about sharing news we have waited two years for, I get extremely nervous. I can only seem to think about all the ignorant comments & questions we may receive. "Well, what took you guys so long?" "Why did you wait so long to tell us, were you not excited?" "Was it planned?" "It's about time."

My husband thinks we should be honest with them, and without going into specific details, let them know it wasn't easy. You know, to make them feel stupid if they make such comments. (Which, by the way, is something I am a big fan of doing, but not usually something my husband would suggest.) I don't want to hide our infertility. I am not ashamed of it, but I currently just don't think it is anyone's business. I hope that as I am farther along, I will drop my guard and share more.

Or, I could always just go with my original idea of putting our baby in this onesie the first time my in-laws babysit.

I am totally buying this. You can find it here.


  1. Glad you told me...I am so thrilled for you!!

  2. I felt the same way last fall after our IVF was successful. I had no desire to tell anyone! We waited until 14 weeks and then sent an email to our family which stated that we felt so fortunate especially because it had taken such a long time to get here. That kinda negated the weird comments from the get-go. For our friends, we just told them as we saw them or had a phone call, etc. Same thing though, without going into details we just said something like, we are so excited because it took such a long time to get here!

    Either way, it doesn't matter what they say or how or when you decide to tell them. You are pregnant!! And that is what is important. Congrats!

  3. I love that onsie! I would totally have my baby rock that, when I have one!

  4. LOVE the onesie :) I may have to buy two of them.

    I think it's completely normal for anyone that has struggled with IF and losses to have that "if I can make it to XX weeks, I'll feel safe telling people". I felt like that and kept pushing the 12 weeks until 14 weeks to 16 weeks.

    Congrats on reaching the end of 1st trimester!

  5. I LOVE the onesie! :-)

    I hope you find a way to tell your family and friends that are comfortable with. (Although I am also a fan of having some ready-made responses to make them feel stupid for asking ignorant questions! haha)

    Good luck at your NT scan tomorrow!!!!

  6. I love that onesie. I'm tempted to buy one for Silas when my shopping ban is lifted :)
    I have a list of some responses to make people feel stupid, so just let me know if you need them. I can't wait to hear about your NT scan!
    love ya girl

  7. I think the onesie is a must-have, ladies!

    Thank you all for your kind words & sharing your experiences. Suzanne, for some reason I never thought about phrasing it that way--I think I may have to borrow that. :) In addition to having sarcastic comments filed away.

  8. LOVE the onesie! Best of luck today, Amber!! :)

  9. I'm glad I'am not the only one that wants to keep my pregnancy a heavily guarded secret. Good luck at your NT scan and I hope you find a way to tell people.