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Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm a little behind on things.

Really, I am. It seems like I am always slow to catch on to things that others are doing. Example 1, text messaging. I just didn't get the appeal for so long. I stood by my theory, if I really want to talk to someone I will call them. I slowly changed my theory and do text message, though not nearly as much as others. In all honesty, that could partly be due to the fact that I don't have unlimited messaging.

Another thing I was behind on-Swag.bucks. I started participating in this website at the end of last year, but I felt like I was one of the last to get on the swag.bucks wagon. Surprisingly to me, I have some friends who are also behind on times and had never heard of the site. So, in case you are behind like we were, I want to pass along the info to you guys, too. In short, you earn swagbucks and can redeem them for prizes and gift cards. I will be redeeming for ama.zon.com & tar.get gift cards. You earn these "digital dollars" numerous ways: using swag.bucks as your search engine, answering daily polls, taking surveys, plus others, but those are the ways I earn.  I find the easiest & quickest way to get bucks is through the search engine.

You can also gain bucks through referrals. So, if you decide to sign up and want to be extra nice, sign up through my link. Whether you use my link or not, you should still sign up. Because, really, who doesn't like free stuff?

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