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Friday, June 4, 2010

Little bit of good news

Beta dropped! Now I don't need to worry about surgery or another methotrexate injection. ::sigh of relief:: Hopefully it is almost, if not already, negative by next week. Don't worry, I'm not getting my hopes up or anything.

Just so you know, it's really depressing to unpack all your stuff for a vacation that never occured. I am attempting to remind myself that I now have something to look forward to, the vacation in July. I know it's soo wrong to wish any part of the summer away, but I can't help but do so. Hurry up mid July! Plus, every day that goes by is also one step closer to ttc again. Geez, I need a life.


  1. ((hugs))...I'm happy you can start moving on from this latest excrutiating experience. I'm still thinking of you! I just can't post because of the stupid bump glitch :( I hope you can start trying again asap.

  2. What a relief! I don't know how high your hcg had gone up to, but you should still continue to be monitored. I had the worst case scenario with my ectopic, so that's why I'm being so cautious.

    I hope you get to do something this summer (non-IF related) that will make the summer memorable. Maybe a day trip somewhere?

  3. Marielle-Thanks, babe. I need to come blog stalk you to get caught up. I can't post either. It is horrible!!

    IFdoula-Thank you. I will continue to have the weekly needle pokes until it is negative. Thanks for checking. And we still get to go on our month long vacation, just postponed. So, I hope it's memorable in a good way. :)

  4. If I could, I would hibernate from now until Fall. I am really dreading this summer. Work stuff and homestudy renewal. ugh

    I'm sorry you missed your trip. Hope July comes soon :)