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Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we go, again.

So, I was beyond annoyed on Friday night. I had called the RE's office first thing Friday morning to let them know I needed to schedule a baseline, I had other questions about the upcoming cycle, including that I needed to order my meds. No call back. Saturday afternoon, on the way to a family gathering, I get a phone call. Sure enough, it was a nurse from the RE. Apparently she didn't call me back right away because she was trying to get my protocol tweaked a little by the RE.
We ended up detouring to the office for my baseline right then. (Which made us even more late for the family gathering. As in, over an hour late. We casually shrugged it off & dodged reasoning.) I started menopur last night. We have been discussing things, and this is likely to be my last IUI. We are strongly considering a move to an RE about 3 hours away, along with IVF.


  1. Hoping this is your last IUI too, but for completely different reasons than changing REs :)

  2. I really hope all this is almost over for you, hon! Good luck this cycle.

  3. Lots of luck to you. I hope the RE move is not necessary and that all of the annoyance is SO worth it.

  4. Thank you for all the well wishes! You guys are amazing.

  5. GOOD LUCK!!! Wishing you and your husband the best!