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Thursday, November 11, 2010

In with the new

After much discussion, I made an acupuncture appointment. I have been talking about it for months. Oh shit, it's actually been more like a year. Anyways, I finally went. I was a little nervous for the unknown, but I enjoyed it. I will go more once I start a new treatment cycle.

Another thing I have been talking about doing for well over a year is learning how to sew! I finally got my loaned sewing machine out of the cabinet and said to hell with taking a class. I have been attempting to sew for the last week or so. So, if you have any easy sewing tutorials or websites you like, send them my way. I have only had a couple nights full of cussing with the machine.


  1. I got a machine for my wedding shower and would love to learn how to quilt...but have not found out how yet :) I looked into acupunture...but it was expensive!! Best of luck on both.

  2. SOOO many different types of needles! :)

  3. Oooo, I'm excited to read what you think about acupuncture-I'm thinking of doing it with our IVF cycle.

  4. I really enjoyed accupuncture and really think it helped me in a general mental and physical sense. I hope you find the same! And I love that you're learning to sew! I've always wanted to. Hope things are looking up.