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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What gave it away?

I have to start out by saying, my RE's office does not share a space with any other businesses. If you are in the building, you are there for obvious reasons, at least, one would think.  However, not all people think.

I was getting my blood drawn Monday morning and making small talk with the tech. A lab group comes into the office to draw blood, so the girls do not actually work for the RE. Three different girls seem to rotate at the clinic. This particular one started talking to me about how she signed up to be an egg donor. I told her how awesome I thought that was, she shared with me how much she would get paid, and then injections came up. I told her they weren't bad and you actually get used to them. I added that I have enough bruises on my stomach to play connect the dots, but it is still pretty painless. She then asked me, "Are you trying to get pregnant?"


  1. I was SO completely caught of guard that I didn't even have time for my usual sarcasm! I just said, uh yeah, while wondering how that question came out of her mouth.