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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I decided to do it in the butt.

The trigger shot, people! (I apologize to anyone that came here via a google search expecting to find something more exciting. You probably want to head on back to your other results.)

This was actually the first cycle I had to give myself an IM shot. With the old RE it was ovidrel in the stomach. Last cycle the nurse did my shot. So, this was a first for us. I had the choice to inject it myself in the thigh, or have someone else give it to me in the butt. After discussing it with some other girls, I decided I should go the butt route. I was a little worried for my husband to do it, seeing as he almost passes out when I have medical procedures done. (Need a refresher, or a laugh at his expense? I just realized I never told another one of his "almost passing out" stories. Oh well, back to the original reason for this post.)

I'm happy to report he didn't pass out.

And I didn't feel a thing. Wonder how many people can say that about their first time in the butt with their husband? He got a kiss & high five after.

p.s. get your mind out of the gutter!


  1. Great news!! We are going to do it in the butt on Sunday ;)

  2. Good luck, cycle buddy! I am 9dpiui and got my second HCG shot today. Praying for two BFPs for us!

  3. haha I bet you are right about not many other people saying the same thing...good luck!