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Monday, December 13, 2010

Unpopular Opinion

I'm kinda over acupuncture. I mean, it's not like I dread it, but I no longer look forward to going. Considering I have only gone five times, I thought I would be loving it. I had my best response this cycle, so I will continue going if this IUI didn't work. Maybe it's because I feel like acupuncture is yet another thing on a long list of what I have to do in this whole process?

p.s. Needles in the bottom of your foot? They effin hurt.


  1. I found that the ones in my wrist and feet hurt the most.

  2. Catherine/magnolia_femmeDecember 14, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    Hi, I'm delurking to totally agree with you. Especially that it was just another thing I had to do to try to get pregnant. I asked my RE about it, and he said it won't hurt but it won't help. That said, I do hope it works for you and this IUI is it! ((hugs))

  3. On the bottom of your foot?? Ouch, I don't think I have ever been stuck there

  4. My Naturopath (who does my acupuncture) says she NEVER does the bottom of the foot because it hurts so much - she uses a 'Moxi' stick for the bottom of my feet - it's a giant mugwort stick that she lights and heats up (looks like a fat incense stick) and then places close to the points in the bottom of my feet.

    Anyway - I enjoy acu still - it's a nice escape (when it doesn't hurt) and I find it relaxing. I go once a week during week 2/3/4 of my cycle.

  5. Last time was the only time he put them in the bottom of my feet. Maybe that contributed to me not digging acu anymore! And thank you for not making me feel like such a wuss about it , anonymous! :) You make me wish I went to where you do!