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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cheater, cheater part 2?

I scheduled a phone consult with a new RE. Sometimes I feel like I am doctor jumping, but then I remind myself how important this is and that I should not settle. It felt a little less like cheating this time.

I could share all the reasons we decided to switch RE's, but I won't bore you with the long list. I'll give just one instead. We know IVF is around our corner if this cycle is a bust. Our RE has three offices in different cities, and ours is not his "home base". There is no way I would feel comfortable doing ivf there. While in the office last week I listened to a conversation between the embryologist & nurse. The embryologist was asking the nurse what day all the transfers would be on that week. To hell with what is best for the patient, I guess it all depends on the doctor's schedule!?

I emailed this new RE with multiple questions and he replied back within less than 24 hours! Hell, I can't even get the nurses at my office to call me back and I am an actual paying patient! Also, I will be seeing the doctor for all of my monitoring appointments. This is crazy to me, since I have only seen my current RE once. He also comes highly recommended and I have yet to find any bad reviews, despite much google searching & blog findings of his patients. The 3 hour drive will be worth it for my health (& sanity)!

Of course, I am hoping I can cancel this appointment in the next couple weeks.


  1. I hope you can cancel it too but for now, I'm so glad that you are getting a new RE and that you are confident so far in the new one. YAY!

  2. You do what is best for you Babe...and to hell with everyone else!!