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Sunday, March 21, 2010

As promised..

You may remember THIS post about dh. He just doesn't do well at doctor's offices. When they drew my blood on Monday, I asked dh if he wanted to go on the other side of the curtain. I was not joking. He decided turning his head would be sufficient. To my surprise, it was. Also, no fainting when my iv was put it. More points for him.

Let's fast forward to the recovery room. They bring dh in and give him a chair (nevermind that this thing was super high and towering over me). I admit I was still a little "out of it" at this time, so I can not remember how long he was sitting by me before he got up. He just got up, walked over by a wall of cabinets, and sat down on the floor. A nurse grabbed a fan and put it on him. He was, once again, white as a ghost. One nurse asked another to grab a drink and crackers. When she came in with them, she first tried to give them to me, because who would expect it would be for the patient's husband sitting on the floor in order to avoid passing out?
Hey, at least he can always make me smile. And, he didn't fall out of the chair.

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