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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Operation "don't see anyone we know" FAIL

Ok, so it wasn't even near being as bad as last time's close call, but still. I get so nervous everytime we head to the RE that we will see someone we know. But, this wasn't a close call. This was an "actually make eye contact with a person you don't want to see" call. We were on our way out of the hospital main doors when DH saw a pretty close friend of his parents. Said person also has daughter who is great friends with DH's sister. Lovely. Hopefully they don't mention the encounter.

Oh, and since we are always trying to avoid people, I decided we should take the stairs that are right next to the RE's office. We had no clue where they went, but how hard could it be to figure it out, right? Well, those stairs apparently only lead to locked doors. I had visions of us being stuck in this nasty stairwell. Locked doors and signs that said "keypad broken" was all there was. So, we stomped back up the stairs and luckily the door we entered in was still unlocked. Such fun stuff at the RE's I tell ya!

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