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Monday, April 12, 2010

FINALLY! Test results.

So, my obgyn called me on Friday. She apologized again for not being able to give me the results, and said for the past 2 weeks her and the nurse have been talking to the lab. Then, on to the good news. She tracked down our results. Apparently they were sent to the wrong lab. Finally, we actually have results. Triploid. She is also setting up an appointment for us with a genetic counselor to review the results. Infertility treatments will be on hold until we meet with her. Obviously, I want to get in yesterday.

I am extremely relieved to have results, and I'm looking forward to having a better understanding of it all.

Here's a brief explanation if you're interested. The majority of babies with triploidy die before birth, and those that make it to term rarely survive the first six months of life.Triploidy means that a baby has three copies of each chromosome in each cell rather two, making a total of 69 chromosomes.

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