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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Just some random thoughts that I have been meaning to blog:

The other week I yelled at the tv. Something to the effect of "stupid bitch." My husband responded with the fact that he was glad to see me getting a little more of my old self back. I believe he might have thrown out the word sassiness as well.

It was a horrible idea to look at the video of us telling my parents I was pregnant. I asked my husband to record it on his i-phone. Well, I forgot all about it, and found it the other week. To see my mom get so happy & cry, watching my dad jump out of his chair yelling "I told you, I told you, I knew it, I knew it"-- was heartbreaking. My husband realized what I was watching and snatched it away. Then deleted it. Good call on his part. Bad call on mine.

I fully intend to make my dogs a cake on their birthday. I fully realize many people will think I am crazy.

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  1. I hope they (and you) have the best time with thier cake :) Not crazy...resillient!!