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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogger hates me.

I'm reading all your blogs. I want to comment. I attempt to comment, multiple times, until I want to throw my computer across the room because it won't let me. So, I promise I am still following along with you all. Hopefully soon I can be vocal on your blogs again!


  1. When you log on to Blogger, see if the box is checked that says "remember me" or "stay logged in" or whatever under your login. I was having the same problem for weeks and someone told me unchecking it solves the problem! Worked for me!

  2. Some will allow me to comment under name/url and me adding my name...but some will not. I feel your frustration and pain. I am in the same boat :)

  3. Listen to MillerMama Amber...she is very wise. I unchecked it and can comment again!!