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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have been taking a prenatal yoga class for a couple months now. I highly, highly recommend taking one if you get a chance. I love it! Not only is it extremely relaxing, but I really think it will help me while in labor. Somehow, like magic, I don't itch while I am in yoga class. That alone is worth it!

And check it out-I made a new header! Do you like it, or too much belly?


  1. I just started prenatal yoga too. Mine is a little slow so I've been having a hard time getting into it, but I'm only 14 weeks. I think if I were farther along I'd want a slower class. I love your header! Such a cute bump you have!

  2. Love the new header and prenatal yoga was my only attempt to exercise when I was pregnant :)

  3. LOVE the new header! Glad you are enjoying yoga :-)

  4. Love the new header!! Do you think doing a yoga video would be as beneficial?

  5. love the new banner!

    I do a yoga video, but I'm sure the class would be way more beneficial. So glad it's bringing you some itch relief!

  6. It's cute!

    I wanted to try out prenatal yoga while I was pregnant but was too lazy to find a class... Guess there's always next time.