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Sunday, July 17, 2011

More natural remedies.

I am still trying a natural approach to my pemphigoid gestational, aka itchy rash, not that there are many other options. My latest attempts? Applying a cayenne pepper paste or coconut oil on my rash & going gluten, dairy, soy free. I know someone who has a "holistic guru" due to her autoimmune disease. We do not have the same problem, but he gave her some tips to help me out.

I mix together cayenne pepper, water & a little flour to make a paste. I put that directly on my rash. Yes, it sometimes burns, but the burn feels a million times better than the itch. It also keeps the itch away for quite some time. However, I can't do it very often, as I don't want to burn my skin. I can't remember if I mentioned that I have tried putting olive oil on the rash. He recommended I use coconut oil. Not only directly on my rash, but also when cooking. All of this is super easy. The diet? Not soo much.

I have heard of others going gluten free, but it was never something I looked into. Wow, it's pretty tough. Throw in dairy free as well, and I can't have a lot of my favorite foods. It is easier since it is summertime, and we have lots of fresh veggies. I also have a couple yummy recipes I got from a friend that I will post. Substitute for ice cream? You KNOW I have that!

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  1. I had PUPPS 5 years ago. It really sucked. Here is my link with ideas to help.