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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cross your fingers.

I haven't mentioned our vacation yet, because we have been unsure on the dates. We have been talking about this vacation for years, and we decided last year that we would go this summer, for 4-5 weeks.

Well, we knew we wanted to work around our fertility treatments, as those were top priority. Then, I got pregnant and we thought we had the date pretty much figured out. Then, miscarriage. Then, DH was asked to be in a wedding this summer. Now, another miscarriage.

So, we decided it's pretty much now or who in the hell knows when. So, as long as my hcg levels continue to drop, we will be leaving sometime at the end of this month. Yeah, as in 2 weeks from now. We would need to leave then to get back in time for the wedding my husband is in during July.

So, I'm asking begging you to cross your fingers, send good vibes, think of me, or whatever it is you believe in...please do it for me! I need these numbers to drop. Not soley for my vacation, but for my sanity! I NEED this vacation!


  1. You definelty DO need a break! I have everything crossed for you. :)

  2. I hope you are able to go on your vacation, relax, and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.