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Monday, May 17, 2010


Today's beta was down to 58. Last Monday it was 104, so let's hope they are down to 0 by next Monday. It feels odd to be hoping for my levels to lower, when I still wish so badly I could be watching them double.

And as an added bonus, the tech had a tough time with my veins today. Multiple sticks on both arms. Worst it has been in a LONG time. Nothing like some more salt in the wound.

We have an appointment with the RE next week, but I went ahead and asked the nurse about RPL panels & karyotyping. Hopefully we will get appointments made for that, and may just cancel the appointment with the RE.

Yep, just another normal week in Infertility land.

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  1. Sorry for the rough needle poke! Hope your day goes up from here! Praying for you!